Overview of the integration

With the Alloy + ShipBob integration, available on the Shipbob Apps & Integrations page, you can build customized workflows between any of your favorite ecommerce tools like your store (Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.), marketing tools (Tone Messaging, Mailchimp), and more! If you have a workflow that's too manual and takes too much time, Alloy may be able to help.

Built in connections to top ecommerce tools.

Alloy integrates already with all the top ecommerce tools, so you can connect without writing any code. Check out the full list of integrations you can connect ShipBob to here.

Easy drag-and-drop workflow builder

With Alloy, you can build a custom integration workflow in 5 minutes, with no knowledge of coding. If you get stuck, white glove support and an online forum are there to ask questions!

Full customization of any workflow

Alloy comes with built-in tools to filter data, split data down conditional (true/false) paths, send emails or texts, and more! It's built from the ground up to automate your least favorite tasks.

Setting up your integration

  1. Visit the Apps & Integrations page in your ShipBob dashboard

  2. Find Alloy and click "Get App" on the listing page.

  3. Sign up for an account with Alloy - don't worry, there is a 7-day free trial!

  4. When creating your first workflow, search for the ShipBob app on the left nav

5. Click to connect your ShipBob account. A pop-up window will show, asking you to log into ShipBob to grant Alloy permission to use your data.

How to use Alloy

You can do almost anything custom with Alloy, which can be intimidating! Here are some basics:

  • Triggers: an action that kicks off a workflow. Usually an event (e.g. "order is shipped")

  • Action Blocks: an action that happens after the workflow has kicked off. Can be retrieving data ("find the shipment status"), sending data ("create a new order in ShipBob to fulfill") or logic ("ignore all orders that come from Canada")

  • Logic: You can choose to split workflows based on specific data, or iterate (run through multiple times)

  • Utilities: these are prebuilt common actions that are included with Alloy (no need for another tool). Examples include: convert data to a PDF, simple math, sending emails or SMS messages.

For a video demo and more ideas on workflows, please check out this overview by the Alloy team.

Examples of workflows:

Send an SMS message when an order has shipped with Tone Messaging:

Automate return requests from Shopify into Gorgias + ShipBob:

Support & Troubleshooting

This app is built and maintained by the Alloy team. Please read this page and contact them for any support-related inquiries.

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