ShipBob provides access to many fulfillment centers across the US to help reduce shipping costs and reach your customers faster.

To help get a better understanding of which fulfillment centers you will benefit from, please leverage ShipBob’s Ideal Distribution tool for insights on how to best distribute your inventory. The Ideal Distribution tool will allow you to see specific locations your customers are shipping to and recommend the best regions to ship from to lower your shipping costs and time in transit.

Requesting access to additional fulfillment centers

Use the locations page to view the current ShipBob fulfillment centers that are enabled on your account and request access to additional facilities that have yet to be enabled.

Sending your inventory to multiple fulfillment centers

You can send inventory directly to the locations enabled on your account from your manufacturer. This will allow for strategic placement of products and save costs on transferring inventory once landing at one of our fulfillment centers. To get this started, you will need to create a WRO (Warehouse Receiving Order) for each location you will be sending inventory to. Once the WROs have been created, please schedule delivery appointments to the respective locations to allow us to plan and make sure we have the workforce needed to inbound your inventory.

Transferring inventory across ShipBob’s fulfillment network

You can also initiate an inventory transfer from one location to another location in our network.

How to create an inventory transfer?

  1. You can leverage the ShipBob dashboard by creating a B2B order. Please see our location addresses and receiving hours here to finalize transfer order delivery details.

  2. Select between parcel shipping or freight depending on the size of the transfer. You will need to select between prepaid labels or have ShipBob purchase labels to begin the shipping process. ShipBob has a vast network of carriers that can assist with your inventory transfers

  3. Please create a WRO for the location that will be receiving the order and attach the WRO labels as an attachment to the B2B order created. Please include any special instructions to the B2B order, which will be reviewed in our operations dashboard.

Please note: These transfers are subject to our standard shipping and receiving fees, and our standard service level agreements. Additional storage costs can be incurred by distributing inventory across ShipBob’s network.

Transferring Inventory to a Non-US FC

ShipBob has fulfillment centers strategically located in countries around the world, to help expand your brand globally. Before transferring inventory or shipping your goods to these locations, we recommend you account for taxes, import duties, and tariffs. To get more information about our global fulfillment center locations, please reach out to our fulfillment experts at The Team can help answer questions regarding transferring inventory internally from one of ShipBob’s US fulfillment centers to a non-US ShipBob facility or directly from your manufacturer.

Please note* as of 7/1/21 the European Union (EU) has enforced a new regulation when importing into Europe. If sending inventory from the US to Ireland or the UK, you will be required to register your own VAT / EORI information to cover the import taxes and duties as ShipBob will not be held liable or responsible

Using the Ideal Distribution Tool

ShipBob will help reduce your shipping costs and reach your customers faster by making recommendations based on locations that provide you with the lowest fulfillment costs. The ideal distribution tool leverages historical customer data to help you better understand how to split your inventory across ShipBob’s fulfillment centers.

Current Distribution Vs. Ideal Distribution

*Note - Analytics and savings presented are estimates based on the assumptions that your future order distribution will be comparable to your historical order distribution and that the average weight of your products are comparable across regions. Your actual savings may vary.

Once you ship at least 40 orders a month with ShipBob, your data will automatically populate.

Adjust the time period and select ‘ideal distribution’ from the dropdown to view the recommended regions you should place your inventory in for the lowest fulfillment cost. If you prefer to be in less regions, you can select your preferred number of regions from the drop down to view your updated recommendations. The total estimated savings in fulfillment costs and transit time will change based on time period and the top regions selected.

The following takes into account only domestic, B2C orders in the continental US. View your current regional distribution based on the months you selected and the total number of orders shipped within that time frame. You will also be able to see which regions your orders would have shipped from and the estimated savings associated with the ideal distribution mapping based on the number of regions selected from the dropdown.

Use the heat map that is color coded by region to see where your customers are currently shipping in relation to your ideal distribution. Each dot represents an order’s shipping destination during the selected time period.

To request access to a specific FC within a region based on the recommendations select the manage location button in the top right corner to be redirected to ShipBob’s location page.

If you have feedback on ShipBob’s ideal distribution recommendations. Click here to share!

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