Kitting is aimed to accommodate your business's unique needs for how items are being shipped to your customers. When your orders require our fulfillment center associates to specifically arrange the items in that order, it would need to go through the kitting process. Examples include:

  • Multiple component pieces are separate at inventory arrival and need to be assembled or put together.

  • You would like us to prepare the inventory in a particular way for your customers.

Note: To manage your kitting inventory levels, use reorder notifications so you can be notified before your end-kitted item is out of stock.

Create a Kitting Request:

ShipBob kitting pricing can be viewed here.

Important Notes:

  • Your component pieces and end kitted products must be synced and marked as active in the Inventory section of the dashboard for you to create kitting request orders.

  • Kitting requests must be self-contained, meaning all items noted in the request are provided by the merchant in a ready to use state. We do not provide zip lock bags, clear plastic, or other materials. If you do want us to use standard dunnage materials (brown paper, Geomi, or bubble wrap) please note this in the request. We can also provide ShipBob standard packaging materials (boxes, mailers, poster tubes, etc.). Charges may apply for packaging materials used within the kitting request.

  • Kitting SLA: For kitting requests up to 500 kits total, ShipBob has a 5 business day SLA.

  • If a fulfillment center does not have the ability to complete a kitting order because it asks for supplies we do not carry or is requesting something we cannot perform (soldering parts, items do not fit in client provided packaging, etc), we will reach out to the merchant for instructions. This will nullify the 5 day SLA and can result in extended delays. This will also apply to kitting orders that have instructions that are unclear or missing components.

From the ShipBob Dashboard, click on Inventory and then Work orders.

Click on Kitting and then click Next.

Select a Fulfillment Center from the drop-down list and then add the end-kitted product. Search for products by name/product ID. Note: An end-kitted product is a bundle composed of disparate parts bound together and ready to store in our fulfillment center.

Insert the quantity of kits you want ShipBob to create.

Select all products that are part of the kit. Search for products by name/product ID.

Enter the number of items for each product that should be part of one kit.

You will need to specify an action to perform for each item in the kit by selecting actions from the drop down in each step. Please see a list of ShipBob’s supported kitting actions at the bottom of the Help Center article.

Select the item in which you want ShipBob to take action on and provide any relevant information on how this action should be performed. Any added information should be clear and concise to the kitting actions being performed.

Once actions, items, and extra information have been selected, a pricing estimator button will appear for you to verify an estimate of the kitting prices that will be assessed to assemble your kits. If there are multiple steps to the custom kitting process you are outlining, please add additional steps after each action. If the detailed instructions are set, please select Create to finalize the kitting order.

Supported ShipBob Kitting Actions

  • Construct my box/packaging

  • Close my box/packaging

  • Place an item inside my kit

  • Place item in ShipBob packaging

  • Affix my sticker/label/barcode to an item

  • Affix a ShipBob-printed sticker

  • Exact positioning requested for sticker/label/barcode

  • Remove item from package

  • Remove packaging or an insert

  • Add my dunnage to the kit

  • Add ShipBob paper dunnage to the kit

  • Construct my box divider/insert

  • Wrap my item

  • Seal an item shut with tape/sticker

  • Perform inspection of an item

  • Change Item SKU to kit SKU

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I turn single units into master cases using the kitting order process?

A: If the items are already packed in their "cases" but we have them designated in the ShipBob dashboard as singles, use the kitting action "Change item SKU to kit SKU" to change the type. If the items need to be packed into ShipBob boxes to create the "cases", please use kitting action "Place item in ShipBob packaging" to construct the cases.

Q: How do I review the end-kitted inventory stowed?

A: Once the kitting order has been finished, the order status will move from processing to completed. The end-kitted inventory can be viewed in the detailed history of your inventory locations section of the product details page.

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