ShipBob is excited to share that we are adding four new regional carriers starting Summer 2021. Our goal is to provide Merchants with fast and affordable shipping options within each region of the US. The four regional carriers aim to significantly reduce transit times and offset congestion with larger carriers.

Regional Carriers Overview

East: CDL Last Mile Solutions - Bethlehem, PA

Midwest: United Delivery Service (UDS) - Cicero, IL

Texas: Lone Star Overnight (LSO) - Texas Fulfillment Centers (Grapevine 1 & 2, Carrollton)

West: OnTrac - Moreno Valley, CA

CDL Last Mile Solutions:

CDL will be added to ShipBob’s carrier service network that will be servicing our Bethlehem, PA FC in the East region of our fulfilment network. CDL specializes in same day and next day last mile distribution.

United Delivery Service (UDS)

UDS will be added to ShipBob’s carrier service network that will be servicing our Cicero, IL fulfillment center in the Midwest region of our fulfillment network. UDS specializes in next day and same day delivery to residential and commercial customers. With over 49+ years of service, UDS delivers over 100k+ packages daily.

Lone Star Overnight (LSO)

LSO will be added to ShipBob’s carrier service network that will be servicing all three Texas ShipBob facilities, Grapevine 1, Grapevine 2, and Carrollton. Lone Star overnight is the leading regional parcel delivery company, specializing in overnight shipping throughout the Texas Region of the network. With over 28+ years of experience, LSO delivers over 30k+ packages a day.


Southern California based OnTrac will be added to ShipBob’s carrier service network who will be servicing our Moreno Valley fulfillment center. OnTrac specialize in 1-3 day delivery throughout the western region of the US. With over 20+ years of experience, OnTrac’s reliability and customer centric delivery experience is the best in the region.

OSM Worldwide

OSM will be added to ShipBob's carrier service network that will be servicing our Moreno Valley fulfillment center. OSM ships packages nationwide within 1-5 days, reliably.


Q: Can I opt out of these carriers?

A: No. These regional carriers have been added to multiple ShipBob shipping options. Orders mapped to overnight, 2-Day Express, and standard may be delivered by LSO. Orders mapped to 2-Day Express and standard may be delivered by OnTrac. If you would like to opt out of these carriers, you can map to other carrier specific shipping options within the ship option mapping section of the dashboard.

Q: Do these carriers pick up from ShipBob’s fulfillment centers?

A: LSO, OnTrac, and UDS pick up directly from ShipBob’s fulfillment centers. ShipBob will drop off orders at the CDL fulfillment center.

Q: Will these carriers provide tracking information? How does tracking work?

A: Yes. All tracking, performance, and post-track will be provided. Tracking information can be found within the ShipBob dashboard as usual.

Q: Do these regional carriers deliver to businesses?

A: Yes, all carriers deliver to businesses within their respective region.

Q: Do these carriers deliver to PO boxes?

A: No. If the end customer has a PO box listed as a final delivery address, ShipBob will allocate a PO box delivery-eligible carrier.

Q: What are the carriers’ delivery hours?

A: Typically between 9AM and 8PM, similar to UPS and FedEx.

Q: Do these carriers have any product restrictions?

A: Yes. These regional carriers do not deliver any item listed as a dangerous good. All orders containing dangerous goods will continue to be fulfilled by DHL.

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