As you begin to distribute your inventory across ShipBob’s fulfillment network and expand internationally to reduce shipping costs and transit times, we understand you may want more control over which fulfillment centers are able to fulfill your international orders.

In this article, we will breakdown the valid destinations for all of our fulfillment centers and how you are able to set rules to only fulfill orders from specific fulfillment centers based on the destination country.

Valid Destinations by Fulfillment Center

Here is a list of country configurations ShipBob’s fulfillment centers can fulfill based on where your inventory is stored and the destination of your orders.

Country of FC

Valid Fulfillment Destinations

US (All US domestic FCs)

All Countries

Canada (Ottawa & Brampton)

All Countries

Ireland (Luzern)

All Countries

Altona (AU)

All Countries

Sydney (AU)

All Countries

Gorzow (PL)

All Countries

By default, ShipBob will fulfill your non-US orders from a US fulfillment center if the inventory is out of stock in your global fulfillment center. If you would like to restrict fulfillment for your non-US orders to your global fulfillment center, please see below on how to add a rule to do this.

Destination Based Fulfillment: Rules

You have the ability to set rules that specify which fulfillment centers can fulfill orders based on the destination country as long as the fulfillment center ships to the destination country based on the configurations above.

Common Rules

  • For orders going to Canada, only fulfill from the Ottawa (CAN) fulfillment center.

  • For orders going to the UK, only fulfill from the Feltham (UK) fulfillment center

  • For orders going to the UK and EU, only fulfill from Gorzow (Poland) fulfillment center

  • For orders going to the EU, only fulfill from Gorzow (Poland) fulfillment center

  • For orders going to the AU, only fulfill from Altona (AU) fulfillment center

Destination Based FC Rules Enablement

Set rules to fulfill orders from specific centers based on the destination. If a rule is set for a destination country to only fulfill orders from a specific fulfillment center, ShipBob will not fulfill from any other fulfillment centers unless they are also added here.

Step 1: To add a rule select a destination region, country, fulfillment center, and rule status, from the “Add Rule” pop-up.

Note! If you are fulfilling orders to Europe from Gorzow (Poland), you should only select countries that are part of the European Union. Countries that are not part of the European Union will appear in the drop-down but are not eligible for shipping from Gorzow (Poland).

Step 2: Once rule parameters are set, click Save to add the rule to your dashboard.

Rule Management

Managing existing rules can be accomplished by selecting the rules you wish to turn on/off or delete via the checkbox on the left hand side of each rule. Once the rule/s are highlighted, select the action you wish to perform.

Rule Override for Individual Orders

Want to override the rule for an individual order and assign the order to another fulfillment center? Navigate to the order details page and edit ShipBob Shipping Details to change the fulfillment center that will fulfill the order.

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