Overview of Billable Weight and How it is Calculated

ShipBob has developed a billable weight estimator to help you estimate the billable weight of your B2C shipments. Billable weight can be determined as follows:

  • U.S. orders under 16oz: Based on actual weight

  • U.S. orders 16oz or greater: Based on the larger of dimensional weight and actual weight

  • Non-U.S. orders: Based on dimensional weight

See here to learn more about dimensional weight.

Using the Billable Weight Estimator

Note - Based on the package preference selected, we estimate the package and dunnage weight. Do not include dunnage or package weight within your inputs. Package preferences include ShipBob’s standard packaging only.

Step:1 Enter Product Information

Select order type and Input the length, width, height, and weight of each item in the order you’d like to estimate, along with the package preferences of those items.

Step:2 Get Estimate

Once all of the inputs have been entered, select the Get Billable Weight Estimate button to calculate the billable weight. The estimator will also determine what size box your order will ship in.

Step:3 Your Fulfillment Costs

Use the billable weight to understand your fulfillment cost estimate by returning to the pricing page. Select “Got it” to dismiss the calculation.

This calculator only provides an estimate, additional factors impact your final cost (e.g. Fragile, Foldable, etc).

What Happens When the Billable Weight Estimator Fails?

In certain scenarios, the estimator will be unable to return a billable weight. please verify your inputs DO NOT align with one of the following:

  • Product is marked to go in a custom box, in which case we will use the dimensions of the custom box and will not be eligible for an estimate.

  • Total weight of all items is greater than 50lbs

  • Total item quantity is greater than 100

  • Item/s marked as custom dunnage or marketing inserts

  • Item/s not cubiscanned

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