Allow recipients of your products to experience a positive and personalized unboxing experience by placing custom inserts in their packages. Once you are enabled for gift notes, any order that contains a gift message will receive a printout of the message on a gift note at pack.


  • Before enabling gift note capabilities on your store, you need to be enabled by a ShipBob team member. Please reach out to for more information on how to get this enabled in your dashboard.


  • $.50 per gift note

There are three ways you can add a gift message to an order:

1. You may add a gift message to an individual order by clicking the Edit button in the Gift Message component of the Order Details page.

2. You may add a gift message to orders that are being imported from Excel. You will need to use the updated Excel order import template that contains a column for gift messages.

3. You can ingest gift messages automatically from your e-commerce store (outlined below)

Setting up Your store to support Gift Notes:


You can customize the order notes field on your Shopify store. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this.

Please note, enabling gift notes means that anything that ingests in the “order notes” of your Shopify orders will be processed as a gift message.


You may include a gift message on the product page by following this tutorial. You will need to label the custom field “Gift Message”


For Gift Notes, anything added to the Gift Note field will be saved as a gift message in ShipBob. For more information on this field, please refer to the Shipstation guide here.

ShipBob API

For more information on how to add a gift message using our developer API, please refer to our documentation here.

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