You can now make bulk edit changes to orders, so you do not have to edit each order individually. Here is a breakdown of the bulk edit actions ShipBob currently supports:

  • Add Items

  • Remove Items

Please Note:

1. If there is not enough inventory in stock to add the item to all selected orders, there may be orders that are moved to exception until there is enough inventory to fulfill the orders.

2. If you choose to remove an item that is not part of the selected orders, no actions will be taken on the orders. If all items are removed from an order, the order will be cancelled.

3. Bundles cannot be added or removed to orders in bulk.

4. B2B orders with manual lot items cannot be updated.

Bulk Order Edit Process

From the orders page, filter and select all orders in which you need to add or remove an item. Note - Orders that have started picking cannot be modified.

Once your orders have been selected, navigate to the actions dropdown and select Bulk Order Edit.

Once on the bulk edit screen - Enter the action (Add/Remove item), search for the item you want to take action on, and finalize the quantity you want to be added or removed from the orders selected. Select update orders to move on.

To finalize the bulk edit, select confirm once you have read through the confirmation breakdown of how many orders will be updated. For orders that cannot be edited, you will receive an email outlining which order cannot be updated with the associated reasons.

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