What is FlavorCloud?

FlavorCloud is an international shipping aggregator that offers managed support for international shipping and a duties and tax calculator. This app calculates and charges the appropriate duties and taxes at the Shopify Checkout, so you can charge your customers instantly.


To start leveraging ShipBob's DDP program, please fill out your contact information here and a Global Expansion department will contact you. The ShipBob team will help guide you through app installation, HS code verifications, and ensure shipping options have been mapped accordingly.

ShipBob DDP Overview

Fulfillment Centers

Shipping Options & Carriers

HS (Harmonized System) Codes & Country of Origin

Eligible Order types


Checkout Experience


Fulfillment Centers

The below fulfillment center locations are currently handling international orders and offer DDP shipping.

Available locations:

  • Moreno Valley

  • Grapevine 1 (3 day delay)

  • Grapevine 2 (3 day delay)

  • Cicero

  • Bethlehem

  • Bethlehem 2

  • Carrollton (3 day delay)

  • Woodridge

  • Edison

  • Twin Lakes

  • Phoenix

  • Budd Lake

  • Yorkville

  • Rancho Dominguez

  • Ontario, CA

  • Forest Park (3 day delay)

  • Gouldsboro

  • Farmers Branch (3 day delay)

  • Atlanta (3 day delay)

  • Reno (2 day delay)

  • Las Vegas (2 day delay)

  • Carrollton

Excluded locations:

  • Chattanooga

  • Hillsboro

  • Louisville

  • FCs outside of the US

For more information about our supported fulfillment centers or interest in facilities not listed above, please fill out your contact information here, and the Global Expansion department will contact you.

Shipping Options & Carriers

  • Standard - APC Postal Logistics will sort and transport orders throughout their LA, Newark, and Chicago, facilities.

  • Expedited - DHL Express, UPS, FedEx

HS (Harmonized System) Codes & Country of Origin

FlavorCloud will use the tariff information in the merchant’s eCommerce store to estimate DAT. ShipBob will use the HS codes in the ShipBob Dashboard for the Commercial Invoice that customs officials will use to calculate actual duties and taxes. Any differences in information from the two sources can cause issues at customs.

Eligible Order Types

DDP will only be an option for orders from the merchant’s eCommerce store that have the correct mapping to ShipBob’s DDP ship options. For example, if the merchant only has FlavorCloud estimates set up for shipments to Canada, only orders to Canada ingested from that eCommerce store are eligible for DDP.


Duties and taxes (DAT) are not included in the ShipBob fulfillment rates. DAT will be a separate charge. ShipBob uses the FlavorCloud estimates for DAT charges.

Checkout Experience

FlavorCloud will pull in ShipBob shipping prices and add the appropriate duties and taxes at checkout.


  • Who is importer of record?

    • FlavorCloud - owns carrier relationship.

  • What about VAT or other taxes?

    • FlavorCloud files VAT or any other taxes on your behalf.

    • If merchant has an entity in a specific country they will have to file a tax return, otherwise they are considered distance seller and it is not required.

  • Can merchants modify what is charged for shipping/duty?

    • Yes, option to modify what is charged for shipping or shipping + duty (landed cost) in FlavorCloud dashboard.

  • Does FlavorCloud show rates in native currency at checkout?

    • FlavorCloud relies on cart functionality or other apps to do this. FlavorCloud simply estimates duty/tax/transit time and shows options at checkout.

  • How does money flow?

    • Customer pays merchant via eCommerce cart for duty/shipping

    • ShipBob charges merchant for duty/shipping and passes to FlavorCloud

    • FlavorCloud remits duty to customs and shipping to carrier

  • How does FlavorCloud work with CartBob?

    • CartBob and FlavorCloud will not work together, as they are pulling information from two different sources: CartBob pulls item details from ShipBob while FlavorCloud pulls from Shopify. The DDP shipping option at checkout will always flow through the FlavorCloud app. CartBob can be used for a DDU option, if desired.

  • Where can merchants ship internationally?

    • Any country that accepts DDP. The following countries do not allow delivery duties to be prepaid (DDP) and thus will require DDU shipping:








North Korea



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