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What is Retail Dropshipping?

Retail dropshipping is D2C fulfillment for orders placed on a retailer’s ecommerce website that get fulfilled directly by a supplier instead of by the retailer. Example: sells your product. ShipBob ships it to that customer.

For more information on what dropshipping is, read more here.

Note: EDI is only supported by ShipBob's US fulfillment centers and is not currently available in global locations (AU, CA, UK, EU).

ShipBob Retail Dropshipping

ShipBob offers an automated solution for product fulfillment that allows merchants to fulfill orders from retailer websites. We offer direct integrations with select EDI vendors to connect with retailers and automate order management and third-party fulfillment.

For more information about our complete list of supported retailers, please fill out your contact information here, and a ShipBob B2B expert will contact you.

How does it work?

Step 1: Connect with your retailer and your EDI provider

To start leveraging ShipBob’s automated retail dropshipping solution, you will need to onboard with a retailer’s dropshipping program and work with a supported EDI provider, SPS Commerce, Logicbroker, or Cymbio.

Step 2: Integrate your store

When you decide dropshipping is right for your business, the ShipBob team will provide you with a customized solution for connecting your EDI provider to ShipBob. To learn more about dropshipping, fill out this form here and a ShipBob B2B expert will contact you.

Step 3: Send inventory to ShipBob

Using ShipBob's process for receiving inventory will ensure that the inventory we receive matches what you expect.

Step 4: Pick, pack, and ship

We quickly fulfill and ship a customer's order after they place it on an ecommerce website. To ensure that orders are delivered properly, we follow retailer guidelines for packaging.

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