The orders page allows full visibility into where our team is in the process of picking and packing your customer's orders. You can see the status change in real time as our team works to prepare shipments for pick up by a carrier within our SLA.

You can reference the details of each order status below.

  • Processing: Our team has received the order details

    • Processing - Pick in Process: An associate is picking the items for the shipment

    • Processing - Picked: We have finished picking the order and are working to pack the shipment in the best sized mailer/box or your custom packaging

    • Processing - Labeled: Our team has applied a shipping label and this is awaiting pickup

  • Shipped: The package has left our facility

    • Shipped - Processing: The shipment has been picked up but the carrier has not scanned the label yet

    • Shipped - In-Transit: The carrier has scanned the label and tracking information is available

    • Shipped - Our for Delivery: The tracking page has changed to "out for delivery"

    • Shipped - Delivered: The carrier has marked the package as delivered to your customer

    • Shipped - Deliver Exception: There was an issue with the drop off (ie. no one to receive the package, cannot access the location, etc,)

      • Contact the carrier or our Merchant Care Team for more information.

  • Exception: There is something on the product level that is delaying our team from fulfilling the shipment

    • Exception - Unknown Sku: A new product we have not received in our warehouse is included in the order

    • Exception - Out of Stock: 1 or more products in the order is out of stock

    • Exception - Inactive SKU: 1 or more products in the order are in the "inactive" status (Product Page Overview)

    • Exception - Internal Transfer/Bin Transfer: 1 or more products are being transferred from one warehouse to another or being rearranged in our fulfillment center

See Orders in Exception Status to learn how to move orders with this status to processing.

  • On Hold: We need something updated on the ShipBob dashboard

    • On Hold - Invalid Address: The address on the order cannot be verified

    • On Hold - Credit Card Declined: The payment method on file needs to be updated

    • On Hold - Customs Information Missing: The customs information is missing from 1 or more products listed on the order

    • On Hold - Dangerous Goods: 1 or more items in the order are dangerous goods and the shipment is international

    • On Hold - Packaging Preference not set: The packaging preference on 1 or more products needs to be updated

    • On Hold - Reserve Date Not Met (only relevant for B2B/External Transfer Orders): The reserve date input when the order was created has not been met

    • On Hold - Required Label Not Uploaded (only relevant for B2B/External Transfer Orders): A label is missing that is required

See Orders in On-Hold Status for details on resolving the hold.

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