It’s important to mark your products as dangerous goods or as a LOT item in the ShipBob dashboard before the item arrives at our fulfillment centers. If you are creating a warehouse receiving order for an inbound shipment, you can make these specifications on the WRO creation page.

If you have any questions on the WRO process, please refer to this article.

On Step 2 of the warehouse receiving order creation process, you can input the products that will be shipped to the ShipBob fulfillment center.

You will notice the option to select “Mark as lot” and a toggle to mark the product as a dangerous goods.

To mark a product as not a lot item, you can select the “-” (minus sign) beside the lot expiry date box.

Once you select to update the product, the change will reflect on the products page and you will see an option to confirm the change before moving on to the next step.

Important Note

ShipBob is unable to restock returned products marked as lot. If you make these changes through the WRO flow, please be sure to also go into the product details page and update your return preferences to ensure you are not marking as restock. More information on return preferences.

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